Hi,I am Prabhat Kumar Ravi Passed Engineering in 2010 from Information Technology Branch. Welcome All. This Is My Personal Blog,especially made to give Knowledge About My Contribution in spreading knowledge,awareness all over world.Thanks For Ur Visit.

Following is my expertise:

* Embedded Linux Engineer, Linux BSP engineer. Particularly MIPS and ARM architecture, know well about the Linux driver model and the common device driver subsystem(Platform, Serial Port, I2C, PCI, hwmon, backlight, input/hotkey, USB...) and also the common core subsystem(Interrupt, Scheduler, Clock, PM...), Memory management, have rich experience on requirements estimating, defects analyzing and fixing.

* RTOS Engineer, Particularly porting and debugging. Have experience on porting Preempt-RT patches to ARM Cortex A9 board, including latency measurement, analyzing and reducing. Have experience on porting the real time tracing tool(FTrace, Perf, LTTng) to ARM architecture. Have experience on safety critical real time research and development. Experience in porting LINUX to ARM based platforms like Cortex A8, A9, PB11MPcore etc

* Device Driver Development Engineer, Wrote USB driver, Ethernet driver, Battery driver, sensor driver.

* Good exposure in solving deadlock, memory corruption, target hung, backtrace and OOPs.

* Wireless Engineer, good exposure to TCP/IP, wireless driver and feature like QOS, Client isolation, MAC ACL, DSO and Channel spectrum etc

Specialties: * Linux, Ftrace, Perf, LTTng, FPGA * Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS * C, Assembly, Shell, Python * MIPS, X86, ARM * GNU Toolchain, Cscope, Vim, Make, Qemu, Busybox, Buildroot, Openembedded * Git, SVN, CVS, HG

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